Gyazo Teams is here. Instant, private, and branded image sharing.



Now your whole team can instantly see the same screen with privacy, security, and convenience. This can make frequent communication tasks like sharing new work, explaining ideas, and giving feedback much faster.

When communicating ideas is faster everyone can be more responsive with less effort. This means your work not only gets done faster, it also gets more feedback along the way, and results in better morale. 

This is next level productivity and collaboration. This is Gyazo teams. 

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Fast, easy sharing, and crystal clear understanding = Better communication.


When one person captures their screen and shares it with the team, everyone instantly understands a crystal clear picture.

Gyazo Teams has been designed to enhance communication by reducing turnaround and response time between groups of two to 200. 

There is nothing lost in translation and no time wasted with lengthy explanations. With screenshots everyone can get on the same page instantly and move forward to the next step faster. This directly reduces the time it takes to iterate on a design or solve a challenge.

Sending images instantly in a team chat can enable levels of productivity never before seen.


Imagine a few quick moments of “aha I see what you mean” instead of “can you explain that again?” over and over in your team chat.

Teams sharing screenshots can expect to understand each other better and enjoy communicating more.  Gyazo Teams is particularly well suited to design, development, support, and most kinds of modern collaborative work that involves a visual aspect.

Gyazo Teams works seamlessly with any internal network, project management app, or team chat and can increase productivity from day one.


To share a screenshot users simply click and drag to select, paste the new link, and press send. After capturing, the image can have text, pointers, or boxes added to highlight or hide important content.  Screenshots let your ideas come through crystal clear every time. The apps are super simple and easy to use so you can get started and begin sharing immediately.

Control access and privacy with powerful yet simple settings.


Viewing private images will require users to log in with an approved email account. Images can also be made unlisted, meaning anyone with the unique link can view them. Now you can get your team on the same page and show your customers and clients exactly what they want.

Look and feel professional.


Add a custom logo and a custom subdomain to reinforce branding and maintain a consistent identity. Every image shared instantly can then speak to customers about your group’s timeliness and professionalism.

High-level encryption for transfers and unlimited storage.

All data is secured with advanced 256-bit SSL encryption for all transfers. Unlimited image storage is included by default with Teams.

Control user accounts and billing from one place.


New users, image visibility, and billing for a whole team can be managed quickly and easily. All settings have been designed to simplify administrative tasks as much as possible.

Gyazo Teams is free for a limited time.

Ten Million Strong

Gyazo is well on its way to help the world communicate more naturally with over 10 million monthly active users in July 2015. In the past few years, the service has remained little known to the media while organically growing to be ranked as a top 600 site in the US and top 750 globally by

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Team Gyazo